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How to update/Get latest software on your roku device?

New features and new update comes in the roku device almost every few months and you can have the benefits of the latest feature by updating your Roku device with the latest software.

Please follow the steps to get the latest software on your Roku device.

Step 1- Press the HOME button on your roku remote and go to setting.

Step 2- Go to System settings

Step 3- Now select the option advance system settings

Step 4- Under the advance system settings, you will find the System update and  you need select that.

Step 5- Now press OK button on Check Now. It will Check for the latest software if its available.

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Call +1-888-304-5551 OR How to setup your New Roku with Wifi?

How to setup your New Roku with Wireless/Wifi?

In this post, i will explain you how you can connect your brand new Roku Box or a roku streaming stick with with your wireless network and properly set that up.

Step 1- Connect all the cables and Power ON your roku device.

Step 2- Let’s get started, Now you will select the language English or whatever language you want to choose.

Step 3- Now your roku device will scan for the wireless network. Your Network/Router name will show up your tv screen

Step 4- Select your SSID/ Router name and press the OK button on your roku remote.

Step 5- Now it will take you to the Router password/Security Key/ Network Key Screen where You need to fill that in on the screen and go down to CONNECT.

Step 6- After entering the password, it will make the connection and gives you the 3 check mark if you did it in a right way.

Step 7- Roku will check for the latest software update. Lets allow the roku device to update itself. This will take few minute to update your roku with the latest software.

Step 8- Select your time zone according to your country and state.

Step 9- Its time to activate your roku device by visiting the website and enter the activation code which is appeaing up on your TV Screen.

Step 10- Create your account, choose a security Pin, enter your card information, add the channels you want and its all done.

Step 11- Roku screen will automatically be update.

Happy Streaming.

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Call +1-888-304-5551 OR How to pair your Roku remote?

How to pair your Roku remote?

If you are trying to pair your remote to your ROKU device then you have to follow these few simple steps
Step 1- Power ON your ROKU device and you will see roku start jumping around the screen.

Step 2- Now put the batteries into your roku remote. Now you can see the blinking green led light on your roku remote.

Step 3- Now find the button on the back of the remote right below the batteries. For that, the battery cover should be off from the remote.

Press and hold that button for about 3-5 sec.

Step 4- Now it will start pairing your remote and the process will show up on the TV screen. If its not then it means its not pairing your remote.

Step-5 Now Press OK button or up & down button to check that the remote is working or not. If this is not working try to do this process again.

If above steps doesn’t work for you then follow these steps.

Step 1- Take the batteries out from the roku remote.

Step 2- Power off your roku device. If its a stick then power of your TV also.

Step 3- Power on your roku device and also Power on the TV.

Step 4- Put the batteries back in the roku device.

Step 5- After your TV starts up and roku home screen comes on the TV then press & hold the pair button right below the batteries. Make sure the batteries cover is off.

Thank you

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