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  • Roku Setup and Configuration Support
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  • Setup of Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and free channels on Roku
  • Roku, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and android screen mirroring support
  • for account activation to enter the code
  • Major or minor, Customer support on all software issues with Roku device

Have you already tried setting up your Roku player by your own and Got tired with finding the place to enter the Roku activation code.

Don’t worry. Our Tech Experts are here to help you and will tell you, How to setup your Roku player. LiveTechZone’s Experts gives the complete solution for all the problems with your Roku player including finding the place to enter the code.

  • Roku Player Connectivity with TV

No need to play around with the cables to connect your Roku with your TV.
Our tech expert will give you the complete assisted guide to connect your Roku with you Standard or HD TV over the phone.

  • Support on Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming stick allows you to get rid of the extra cable and save your space. In order to activate your Roku streaming stick visit or call our tech experts for the help.

  • Setup of Roku Player

If you can’t setup your Roku player by your own or having some difficulties while setting it up then just pick your phone and contact our tech experts who are specialist in Roku issues.

  • Unable to connect to internet or Wireless setup assistance

Roku in an internet device and that required to connect to your home WiFi.
If your WiFi is giving trouble in connecting with Roku, you have forgotten your WiFi internet security key or you don’t have WiFi at your home. Our LiveTechZone experts will help you with it.

  • Roku latest software update or channel update.

Roku is always working on the new software, features and technology. In order to avail the benefit of new features and latest channels your Roku must be up to date with the latest software

  • Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, M-go and other Roku channels setup.

Get help with setup and configuration of new or existing Netflix account and all other channels like Amazon, Hulu, M-go, YouTube and Pandora etc..

Basic Procedure/steps of Roku Setup and Roku Link Code

When you get bored then you just turn on your TV and expect something interesting but what you find when you turn on TV the same boring stuff and old movies. Now Roku is available in the market. Buy it, connect it with your TV, easily activate it for the first time and here you go to enjoy the full entertained stuff, music, movies, games and all ON YOUR DEMAND and According to YOUR CHOICE. That’s why its called AMERICA’s FAVORITE STREAMING PLAYER.

Roku Setup is very simple if you follow the step by step guide and it can be done in hardly 15-20 minutes. Once your Roku is all set it up, then you can watch your favorite TV Shows, Latest Movies, and play games in your free time to relax your mind.

Now the question occur, How to Set up and Activate Roku Player with the activation code on the screen and saying from an internet device go to and Enter the following code.

Basic Requirements are:

  • A HD/SD Television (HD TV is essential if you want to watch HD movies and shows)
  • A Roku player. It can be ROKU 1, ROKU 2, ROKU 3, ROKU HD or the ROKU STICK.
  • A wireless internet connection.
  • An Internet connected device.

Steps you need to follow:

  • Connect Roku with your TV in the HDMI port and Change the input from your TV remote and Select the HDMI 1,2 or 3 wherever Roku is connected.
  • Follow the Step by step guide, like select your language, connect with internet, get the latest software and activate your Roku by visiting
  • Once you done with the above steps like language selection, connect with your WiFi internet then it will automatically update your Roku player with the latest software and reboot your Roku player.
  • Now on the Roku screen it will show: Watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, ESPN etc after activate your Roku player and for the activation visit and enter the code.
  • Now Go online on any internet device like Your Mobile phone, Tablet, your laptop or a regular computer.
  • Type in the address bar now it will appear a webpage which will allow your to enter the code and then hit submit.
  • Now its time to create your personal Roku account, fill you first, last name, email address and hit continue.
  • Now choose any 4 digit PIN for the security of your account without this pin number you won’t be able to add paid channels in to your Roku player.
  • Next step will ask you for your billing and card information. If you are not feeling comfortable in entering the details then you can skip that part also. For that call our expert they will explain you the way for that.
  • Further you will be able to add the top and popular channels according to your choice. It can be Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Facebook etc and hit continue.
  • Now you are DONE. HAPPY STREAMING. Go back to your TV and it would be downloading and updating all the channels that you selected.

If any problem occurs or you have any query, you can call our toll free tech helpline at +1-888-304-5551.

We have a huge line of customers and they are facing different issues with the ROKU streaming device and our techies are helping them with their all of the problems mentioned below.

  • I don’t have the HDMI cable, how can i play my Roku player on my television.
  • I have an Old television and my TV doesn’t have any HDMI port.
  • My Roku is connected with the TV with the HDMI port but still nothing appear up on the TV.
  • ROKU Logo is keep Bouncing on the TV Screen.
  • Roku player is keep on rebooting automatically.
  • “Select your language English/Spanish” Roku player is stuck on that screen.
  • My remote is not responding even i have tried changing the batteries also with the new one.
  • I can’t connect my Roku with my WiFi internet because I have forgotten my internet security key.
  • I am getting an error code 011 and error code 014 it says “can’t connect to internet please try again”
  • Roku connected to wireless network and gave green check but it didn’t connect with local network and gave me red X.
  • Roku connected with wireless, local network and internet and gave me all three check but while updating the software it stopped the process of getting the latest software and gave me an error “Can not connect to the Roku server please contact our customer support”
  • Roku is giving me a code and asking me to go to to enter it but i don’t have any PC or tablet with me now.
  • In order to activate my Roku player, it shows up a code on my TV screen but i don’t find the place where to enter the code. i am getting so many website and options but not getting the right place to enter the activation code.
  • When i try to login into my Roku account it doesn’t take my details and i can’t proceed further.
  • Its asking me for my credit card information while creating an account and i don’t want to enter my card information for the security reasons. I also want to know how much secure it is.
  • On my PC, i did enter the code and card info but when i hit submit then its keep on reloading and giving a blank page.
  • I did enter the code but now it says “code has been expired, get a new code and its giving me a new code now”
  • my Roku player is all set it up, but how can i add the private channels in it.
  • There is no sound while playing the video on Netflix.
  • Unable to play any channel on Roku after changing my wireless password. how can i connect my Roku with the internet once again?

There are so many other issues that you can face with your Roku player. When the problem occur what you do, you try to troubleshoot by yourself and sometime it create more mess with the issue. After that you search online for Roku support, Roku support number, Roku code activation, enter Roku code,, contact Roku support and Roku activation etc. but still you don’t find the proper solution for that because when you search it you will find 1000 of results in the search engine and you don’t know which one is right for you and will give you the proper solution.

But now you no need to worry, You just need to call our toll free: +1-888-304-5551 and talk to the technician who will answer your all the queries related to your Roku streaming device and will resolve all the problem in a effective way.

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